CCPA Stars Come Out to Shine

  ” order_by=”sortorder” order_direction=”ASC” returns=”included” maximum_entity_count=”500″]   On Tuesday, April 17, the Meadows Museum hosted the SMU Corporate Communication and Public Affairs (CCPA) division’s annual senior awards ceremony and, for the first time, official induction of new CCPA majors. This auspicious night serves as an opportunity for the CCPA faculty to recognize the graduating seniors who have become CCPA stars and made an impact on the Division. These students excelled during their work in classes, mustangconsulting, PRSSA, debate team, and earned a spot in the honors society, Kappa Tau Alpha, among many other accomplishments. The CCPA Stars come out to shine. CCPA faculty bid farewell to seniors and welcomed new majors, a fresh batch of students eager to begin their journey through the halls of Umphrey Lee. Founders of the new CCPA Young Alumni Advisory Board were present to lend their support to new majors and soon-to-be grads alike.

We are Thankful for You and so Much More

There is a lot I'm thankful for this holiday season, although I still can't believe Thanksgiving is already here. Where did 2017 go? In my delightful role as CCPA chair, my gratitude list is long. I’ll share a snippet of it here. Heartfelt wishes for a Happy Thanksgiving to all those who make CCPA a (really) special place on campus. Yay! We have a new CCPA blog that is the “go to” place for all things CCPA. No more well-kept secrets about all that our students and faculty are doing. At last – we are on our way to getting fancy new teaching and student spaces for CCPA in Umphrey Lee. Fingers crossed we see construction start in 2018. Our programs in organizational communication, political communication, social innovation & nonprofit engagement, and public relations & strategic communication are full of hardworking students who are thriving under the undeniable dose of “tough love” we provide each day. CCPA faculty are literally circling the globe doing what they teach. See our blog for a few examples. Much more to come! Our alumni count is 1,700+ and growing. We’re in the process of forming a Young Alumni Board. And, our nicely attended Homecoming Reception was just the start of getting better engaged with the grads who inspire us to keep on keeping on. Truth be told: CCPA loves our Meadows School of the Arts Dean Sam Holland. Thank

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