SMU Look, SMU’s fashion magazine is in its second year of publication and Editor-in-Chief Sam Klaassen is excited to see where the fashion and beauty publication is headed.

SMU Look, SMU’s New Fashion Magazine

SMU Look is a student-led publication focusing on fashion and beauty. Additional sections are dedicated to home, culture and food. Despite being in circulation for only a little over a year, SMU’s new fashion magazine is a finalist for the Magazine Pacemaker Award from the Associated Collegiate Press. Its target audience is the SMU student body, alumni and the general public. It often features fashion-savvy students, Dallas events and fashionable ensembles at SMU events — such as the campus’ signature pre-football game “Boulevard.” “The Style File” is a section featuring SMU alumni interviews.

“A lot of other colleges have fashion magazines, and it was almost kind of strange that SMU didn’t,” said Sam Klaassen, editor-in-chief of SMU Look. “So we started SMU Look.”

Extension of Fashion Media Program

Klaussan with Spring/Summer 2017 issue of SMU Look

Klaassen says the magazine is a natural addition to the Fashion Media program. The entire staff of SMU Look, SMU’s new fashion magazine, traces its roots to a Fashion Media class taught by Professor Camille Kraeplin, director of the Fashion Media program at SMU. The magazine is staffed by JOUR 3370 students, the Fashion Journalism class, and can change with each semester.  The students produced two issues last school year and will release their third issue Nov. 16.

The mission of SMU’s new fashion magazine is changing over time. “The goal is to make it a consistent sort of thing,” Klaassen said. “There were definitely changes we wanted to make in the second issue. So now part of what I’m doing is trying to keep the magazine more uniform.”

The broad possibilities for SMU Look are a reflection of the student body itself. Student involvement is at the heart of the magazine’s potential for success and its celebrities are the SMU campus’ everyday stars. The upcoming issue features student models, student photographs, students working on hair and makeup and, of course, student-authored stories.

SMU's new fashion magazine, SMU Look

Fall/Winter 2016 issue of SMU Look

“People love when they see themselves or their friends in something like that,” Klaassen said. “It’s like when you see your favorite celebrity on a magazine cover. If you see your friend on a magazine cover, you’re going to read it.”

Creating a magazine does not come without challenges. SMU Look issues bridge the seasons. The November issue will be in circulation until April as the fall/winter issue. The staff must curate content that will interest readers for months to come. While this can be difficult, Klaassen also believes a focus on forward-thinking material is what sets SMU Look ahead of other student-run fashion magazines. She encourages her staff to look for inspiration in their own life, telling them, “If you have a question about something, chances are other people do, too.”

SMU Look is on stands now or see it online at SMU Look.