We compiled a list of the best places to grab a bite near the SMU campus. Whenever you need a break from studying or getting hungry and don’t want to go to the cafeteria again, grab a bite from these spots.

Grab a Bite: Bubba's Cook Country
Bubba’s Cooks Country

1. Best Comfort Food — Bubba’s Cooks Country

Bubba’s Cook Country is a Dallas staple that opened in 1981. Bubba’s serves classic southern comfort foods such as fried chicken, chicken fried steak, mashed potatoes, green beans, and some fabulous cream gravy. Don’t expect a super healthy meal here. Being in Snider Plaza, it is only a five-to-ten-minute walk from the dorms so instead of going to Umph, you can head to Bubba’s instead for that well-deserved comfort food splurge. The drive-thru works great for commuting students.

Grab a Bite: Shug's Bagel Shop
Shug’s Bagel Shop

2. Best Quick Eat Before Class – Shug’s Bagel Shop

The newest restaurant on this list, Shug’s Bagel Shop is quickly becoming an SMU favorite. Shug’s serves a great variety of bagels and bagel sandwiches, with their breakfast bagel being a fan favorite. Located on the southeast side of the main campus and right behind the new residence halls (Kathy Crow, Loyd, Armstrong, Crum, Ware), it is just across the street from campus and an easy walk to grab a bite before class.

Grab a Bite: Burger House
Burger House

3. Highland Park Staple – Burger House

You cannot live in Dallas without eating at the Burger House at least once. This Highland Park staple has been around since 1951. While the burger and fries are great, the Burger house salt that is used on the fries makes it the best. It is easy to take a five-minute walk from campus to grab a burger at Burger House, and even buy a Burger House Salt shaker there so you can bring the Burger House greatness back to your dorm room. If you want to have some of the best burgers and fries in Dallas, then go grab a bite from Burger House.

Grab a Bite: Chop Shop
Original ChopShop

4.  Best Vegan/Vegetarian Option – Original ChopShop

The Original ChopShop serves as one of the healthier choices on this list. ChopShop serves a diverse type of food such as bowls, sandwiches, and even healthy smoothies, ranging from meat to vegetarian and vegan options. Have some time before class, go right across the street from Umphrey Lee Center, and grab a bowl from the Original ChopShop!

New York Subs
New York Sub

5. Best Sandwiches – New York Sub

Just across the street from Shuttles and Virginia Snyder dorms, New York Sub is the perfect place to go grab a quick bite for lunch in between classes. This sandwich shop offers a wide variety of sandwiches, including cold and hot sandwiches as well as other options such as soups and of course Chef Sam’s Mac and Cheese. Next time you are hanging out in your dorm and are craving some good food before you being studying again, go across the street and check out New York Sub.

Foxtrot Market and Café
Foxtrot Market

6.  Best Coffee/Breakfast – Foxtrot Market

Every college student not only needs a coffee to get them focused and ready to do homework or study but also needs a cool and quiet place to study. Look no further than Foxtrot Market and Café located in Snider Plaza. Foxtrot not only has great coffee but other great options like morning food and market snacks and a diverse number of beer and wine choices. Just across the street from the SMU law school, it is an easy walk in the morning to get a coffee, grab a table and study with friends


7. Best Fancy Dinner – Knife

While the area around SMU offers many food options, there aren’t too many that offer a fancier option, like where you could take your parents for Parent’s Weekend or even a fancy date. Knife is the perfect fix for that issue. Located just across Central in Mockingbird Station, Knife is a Texan steakhouse with a wide variety of steaks, seafood, and pasta. If you want to impress your parents with Dallas, take them to Knife.

Coming Soon

There will also be a new restaurant coming to where the old Biscuit Bar was. D.L Mack’s is a Chicago-style bar and restaurant is expected to open in September 2021. For more information on D.L Mack’s.

Alex Brody