This is  your weekly update that includes networking events, professional tips, and a few Dallas activities you can do this week!

Networking is something that should be done all year long. Now that you are in the groove of the semester, you can focus on attending a few professional events. And everyone deserves a little fun in their week, so we included some recommended activities around Dallas.

networking events this week

This Week’s Networking Events

Reserve Your Spot In Advance

Networking Tip of the Week

The best advice CCPA’s very own Dr. Kirk has shared with students? Always write thank you cards! If someone takes the time to meet with you for lunch, coffee, etc., always send them a thank you note. It is best to send them an email the next day to thank them for their time. In addition, send them a hand-written note and mail it to their office. Taking the time to write these notes will positively set you apart from other students and professionals.

Dallas Activity of the Week

Grab lunch or dinner at one of Trinity Grove’s 14 restaurants. Or even better, grab an appetizer at one, dinner at another, and dessert somewhere else! These restaurants have a great view of downtown Dallas that makes for a great photo-op with friends.