TikTok: Overview

Students have recently added a new app to the mix that they review daily on their phones. Similar to Vine, which is no longer, TikTok allows users to upload 15-second videos of anything they desire. Many people are asking why is TikTok all the craze right now. What are adults saying about the app? Is it going away or here to stay? Our findings are explained below.

TikTok, what's all the craze?


According to their website, TikTok was created in China in September 2016 by the Chinese developer ByteDance. It was designed to be the “leading destination for short-form mobile video.” The app’s mission is to “inspire creativity and bring joy.”

Why the Craze?

The concept is simple: make 3-15 second videos and post them to your page, allowing other people to like a comment on your post. Like other social media apps, the type of content ranges from cooking videos to people talking about their lives to kids doing unintelligent actions in the hope that their video will go viral. The app allows you to create your own audio or add music on top of your footage, which has led many people to create parodies, dance routines, and lip-syncing videos.

What Are People Saying About the App?

If you ask a college student, they will say they love the app. It provides humor, it encourages creativity, and it is nice to scroll mindlessly when you need a mental break. However, older generations have conflicting opinions about the app and its users. Some parents worry about the not-so-intelligent videos their kids are putting on the app. They fear that these videos will stay on the Internet forever and ruin the child’s chance of being taken seriously later in life.

On the flip side, other adults, especially those within the digital marketing and advertising industries, welcome the app with open arms. They feel that TikTok provides another vehicle in which to creatively market to consumers. Many companies are planning and executing long-term advertisement campaigns through the platform to reach younger and creative audiences.

Paid media on TikTok is available in multiple forms. Companies can create videos that match the vibe of the user’s video feed. They can also utilize face filters or create hashtag challenges. In addition, the app will soon add biddable advertisements to its platform.

Going Away or Here to Stay: National Security Investigation

Multiple media sources explain that the US government is investigating ByteDance and its app due to “concern about giving foreign governments access to sensitive user data.” Normal citizens and security officials have jumped on this app to upload videos of themselves, but the government is concerned about the Chinese government receiving the data about these users due to the app being operated and owned by a Chinese company. Despite the controversy over the app’s investigation, users continue to upload videos and invite friends to join the app daily.

Only time will tell whether the app will be a longterm success or if it will follow in Vine’s footsteps. Tell us, are you a part of the app’s digital community? What are your thoughts on TikTok?