Laptop work from home

Work from home is the new norm for students and professionals, and most of us have already adapted to it. But there is always more to gain from the experiences of others. Here are a few suggestions to make your summer classes or online internship or job a little easier.

Location, Location, Location 
Designate a work area that separates “home” from “work.” It’s a matter of conditioning. When you sit in this place, you work. But when you sit in this other place, it’s time to play. You can create this separation by using a specific desk or designating part of your tabletop as your workspace. Then create another different space for your home thing. Helping designate an area as a workspace also includes removing any distractions from the area. Yes, this means turn Netflix off. This will help you stay focused on your work.

Have Dedicated Work Hours 
As much as you want to sleep in until 8:55 a.m. before your 9 a.m. call, don’t. Wake up earlier, make breakfast, and go about your morning routine. This will trick your brain into gearing up for the day. This can also be done in the evenings. As a student it’s difficult to stick to an evening routine, however, it helps separate work from home. Try to put your work away before you enjoy your evening.

Dress for Success
Working from home doesn’t mean you have to dress in business professional, but it doesn’t mean you can wear last night’s PJs either. Instead, toss on a pair of jeans or athleisure. It will make you feel ready to take on the day.

Embrace Music and Podcasts
With silence in the air sometimes it can be harder to work from home when you hear every little noise. Try listening to a podcast or put on some coffee shop ambient music. For podcasts try The Daily from the New York Times or Up First from NPR. These are great to get you updated for the day before you begin to work. For ambient music try Lush Lofi on Spotify, which claims to be the chillest instrumental lofi beats, certified lush. This will help fill the silence and make it feel like you are back studying in your favorite coffee shop. 

As all of us continue to adjust to working from home it’s important to determine what works best for you. Try some of these tips and share your own in the comments below.