Getting ready for Wednesday’s CCPA Career Fair? See what the panelists said in last week’s “Presenting Yourself” event.

Advisory Board members shared tips on how students can put their best foot forward in a virtual/hybrid environment during PRSSA’s “Presenting Yourself” panel on Wednesday.

Topics covered include how to stand out in virtual interviews, how to make a good impression in internships, and much more. Here are the top takeaways from PRSSA’s “Presenting Yourself” Panel.

Create a Virtual Business Card

Advisory Board member Taylor L. Cole Longacre suggests that students create a virtual business card to quickly share their contact information with potential employers. 

Longacre recommends using, and including information such as a LinkedIn URL, phone number, email, social media handles, and work samples.

“One of the things that you’re missing out on is shaking hands with someone face-to-face and handing them your business card,” Longacre said. “I highly recommend coming up with a concise way to be able to share your contact details.”

Dress Professionally – Even for Virtual Interviews

While it’s tempting to dress casually in this virtual environment, Advisory Board member Amber Seikaly advises students to maintain a professional dress code during virtual interviews. 

“Don’t fall into the ‘just because everyone’s more casual, it’s okay for me to be more casual.’” Seikaly said. “You are dressing to impress. Even if the culture is more casual, like a tech company, I would still dress a step up from what their more casual dress code is.”

Double-Check Your Technology

Many of us know the dreadful feeling: an important meeting is coming up, and the technology stops working. Double-checking your technology beforehand can help relieve stress and help prevent any unwanted technology malfunctions. 

“Test it out, whether it’s with a friend or your phone calling it,” Advisory Board member Betsy Orton said.  “When I interviewed for my job with Dickey’s, bless them for still continuing the interview process because I was stupid and I thought I had my computer and my camera all set up, and there was some weird function on it that would not allow Zoom to access the camera and I didn’t know that.”

Take Advantage of Virtual Networking Opportunities

Another top takeaway from PRSSA’s “Presenting Yourself” panel is to attend as many virtual networking opportunities as possible. 

“People are more accessible, I believe, than they ever have been,”  Advisory Board member Ashley Elsey said. “That’s actually a positive as you’re thinking through your ability to get to talk to people.”

Just Be Yourself

Advisory Board member Darren Grubb’s advice? Just be yourself in meetings, but be sure to maintain a professional appearance in this virtual environment.

“Be yourself, but be sure to meet the expectations others will have of you in virtual meetings,” Grubb said.

Keep an eye out for upcoming PRSSA events featuring CCPA’s Advisory Board members. Have any questions about the “Presenting Yourself” panel? Leave them in the comments below.