SMU CCPA Division Chair Sandra Duhe, Professor LaShonda Eaddy and Advisory Board Member Angela Jeffrey attended the International Public Relations Research Conference in Orlando, Fla. March 8 – 10 to hear the latest research in public relations.

Professor Eaddy presents at IPRRC

Eaddy Takes Top Paper Award

All presented research during the conference and Professor Eaddy received the W. Ward White top paper award for research of practical significance.

Trends to Watch in Public Relations

  • Geo-tagging: Reliably tracking sources of user-generated content still has some kinks, but the new norm will be maps in the boardroom.
  • Organizations are looking for unicorns: Not as pets, but employees. Communicators who are savvy with humans and data are all the rage and in really short supply.
  • Advertising turns counterproductive: What starts out as a strong partner to public relations quickly turns south when ads take the place of actual engagement online.
  • Algorithms are our friends: Very cool, accessible, and even free tools are available to sort social audiences into identifiable communities.
  • Crisis history matters: New findings on lie bias, the power of negative rhetoric, strategy decision trees, and stakeholder venting promise to keep crisis a hot topic.

As this and other information is shared with CCPA faculty these learnings quickly find their way into the SMU classrooms.