When it comes to digital, Steve Lee is the professor to professionals. As the featured speaker at the March 6 PRSA Dallas Members Breakfast, Steve demonstrated how psychographic insights allow customers to self-identify and provide businesses the opportunity to know their customers and go where they are.

Listen, Watch, Monitor, Understand

Steve’s mantra is to listen, watch, monitor, and understand before reaching out to potential customers, or any public. Developing an audience profile is a dynamic, constant process that, in Steve’s words, is the sum of demographics, psychographics, and experience. That experience takes time to develop, but even current students can begin to build it and help their employers know their customers.

Know your Customers

Steve’s favorite tools for getting to know your customers? Here’s the list:
– For the numbers: census.gov and Global Web Index
– For general trends: Think with Google
– For more insights into customer habits, values and lifestyles: Google Analytics, Facebook Insights, Twitter Analytics, Moz FollowerWonk, LinkedIn Analytics, email monitoring, Google Business, user testing, and audience surveys.
– For competitor intel: Rival IQ (the only paid service on the list).

To Steve Lee, every insight is a good insight.

He can be found teaching all things digital at SMU CCPA and CAPE.

PRSA Breakfast Meetings

This PRSA Dallas member’s breakfast meeting was the first in a series planned for this year where speakers will focus on specific topics of immediate use to members. These breakfasts are free for PRSA Dallas members.

Thanks to Half Price Books on Northwest Highway for hosting this breakfast.