What Happened Last Night?: Your Guide to Your 21st Celebration --- Hangover

The one question you don’t want to answer after your 21st birthday: what happened last night? The key to having a great 21st birthday is not just to have the most fun possible, but to also remember it. That means you need a great plan. Luckily for you, we have already created a plan for your 21st birthday so you don’t have to!

If you are turning 21 soon and live in the Dallas-Fort Worth Metroplex and need a plan to celebrate, this is your ultimate guide for an unforgettable night.

Safety is of top importance. So plan to spend the entire evening celebrating with family or friends. Anyway, who wants to be alone on their 21st?

7:00 PM: Fueling Up

What Happened Last Night: Birthday Dinner

Before you start, it is important to get a big meal in before you go out on the town. For this, you want to focus on eating a lot of carbs, as it helps absorb any alcohol you drink later on. Whether you are with your friends or your family, a few tasty restaurants for your special occasion include Nobu, Nick and Sam’s Grill, and Knife. Also, don’t be afraid to get a drink at dinner, I mean it is your 21st birthday!

9:00 PM: Pregame

You’ve had dinner and fueled up. If you were with your parents, you have left them and met up with your friends. Before going out, it is optimal to get a drink or two in, just so you do not have to spend as much money when you go out on your bar crawl.

10:30 PM: The Bar Crawl

You’re ready, the night has just begun. You and your friends are leaving the pregame and the first big step, getting into a bar with your ID that says you are 21! Even if you are not into drinking, order one for someone else just because you can.

Some of the best bars to go to on your first stop in Dallas are in the Knox-Henderson area, whether you decide to go to The Skellig, Spider Murphys, or 77 Degrees, all of the bars are within walking distance so you and your friends don’t have to call a lot of Ubers that night. While I mentioned some of the best places to go drink, the key is finding where the “move” is that night. The move refers to the places where the most people are going that night. You can find this via Snapmap or just by texting your friends. No matter where you go, make sure to have a fun time with your friends grabbing a few drinks at the bar, and if you want to, take one shot with your friends to celebrate the fact that you have turned 21.

2:00 AM: Making your Way Home

After a long and fun night, it is time to make your way home. Make sure when you are Ubering that you are with your friends and not alone.

A pro tip, when you get home, drink a bottle of water. The more you hydrate before going to bed, the less of a chance you will have a hangover the next morning. It is also good to take a Tylenol or Motrin.


The Goal of celebrating your 21st birthday is to have fun and lots of it.

If you enjoy great food, then focus on being a foodie.

If you like live theatre, exploring the activities in Dallas, a concert, basketball or hockey game, or anything else, then do that.

If you drink, then drink, but if you don’t, then don’t. This is your night, do what you will most enjoy.

Surround yourself with friends you can trust to take good care of you. Then you can let go and enjoy yourself.

Have a wonderful time. Remember, you only turn 21 one time, so make the most of it.