With students back on the Hilltop, the campus looks quite different than before. Our new normal is just that, new and continually changing. But for now, students and professors seem to have adapted to SMU’s flex and virtual course options.

In-person classes are much smaller, the desks are socially distanced, and everyone can be found wearing masks. Professors teach simultaneously via zoom and in person, behind a barrier of plexiglass with a plethora of digital equipment. Each classroom and building includes cleaning equipment and signage to indicate social distancing measures.

The hallways of Umphrey Lee remain empty as students merely scurry in and out of classrooms, seldom stopping to chat with others or hang out. Many offices remain empty as professors and students have opted for remote-only course options.

A week has passed, and both students and faculty are adjusting to our new normal quite well.

The halls of Umphrey Lee remain empty during a passing period.
CPPA classmates Ava Street and Taylor Smith enjoy a conversation before CCPA 2300.
CCPA Students Abba Yaney and Caitlyn Kallina enjoy their socially distanced class.

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Pony Up, Mask Up