The impact of COVID-19 has been felt worldwide. It has changed the job search and the interviewing process drastically. Even before COVID-19, most companies used technology as the first line of contact with potential employees. Below, we compiled a list of what you need to know about the interview process moving forward.

The Interview Process: Phone Screens

interview process

After a company decides you are qualified based on your resumé, hiring managers or HR departments use phone screenings. This helps narrow down the field of possible candidates.

All of the answers that are given to the interviewer are compiled and sent to the hiring manager to decide who moves on to the next stage.

Phone screenings are also a key opportunity to develop a relationship with your contact. Treat them the same way you would if it was an in-person meeting. Send a thank-you email after. Try to connect with them on LinkedIn and follow up.

Phone Screenings Today

If you move past the phone screening, be prepared for a Zoom or Skype video call. The interview itself will most likely be a web-based conversation with a live person via Zoom. They might also use a platform like Hirevue, where you are recorded on camera responding to select questions.  If you are recording answers, be as specific as you can. Chances are, the link to your session will be circulated to more than one person. Preparation and rehearsal is key. Be prepared for questions regarding skill sets, experiences, and of course, sell yourself!

For more information on the types of things you might be asked, click here.

Other Tips For Interviewing Online

  • Dress as if you were interviewing in person.
  • Research the company and position and be able to clearly identify the contributions you would bring to the organization.
  • Practice answering with questions with a friend or family member and then record yourself to see how you sound, your eye contact and note any habits that might need to be corrected- ie what do you do with your hands.
  • Make sure the lighting is good and all background noise is turned off.
  • Have notes or bullet points on hand in case you need to refer to something
  • Be energetic, enthusiastic, smile  and speak clearly

It is a challenging time for a job search but having a clear idea about the process and how to prepare will only benefit you in the long run.