We’ve been back to school for one day, and the relaxation we finally achieved over fall break is already fading. Cleaning out the inbox, opening the planner, and checking the syllabi has every student in a frenzy. If you are already counting down the 38 days until Thanksgiving, keep reading for places you can hide when stress levels spike and you need some alone time.  

A coffee shop close to campus…or as far as Deep Ellum

Royal Blue, Bird Bakery, or one of the three Starbucks locations within five minutes from SMU are standard places to run to when the thought of Fondren is overwhelming. Tuck yourself into a nice corner table and let yourself decompress over a warm cup of coffee and endless people watching. Not to mention, the baked goods are so delicious they can cheer up even the most distressed student on campus. The soothing music and ambient noise of coffee shops is soothing, but research has also found these sounds to improve focus and creativity. Our favorite part about coffee shops is the perspective they bring; seeing men, women, and children living their lives outside of SMU reminds us that this one assignment or stressful week is fleeting. The professionals wandering into Starbucks are not dwelling on a paper they didn’t do well on that one time in college, so neither should you! 

If Highland Park is still too close for comfort, try Toasted on Lower Greenville, Halcyon, Houndstooth, or Fiction.  

Houndstooth Coffee – click here to visit the website!

The Neighborhood

Another option when you really need to hide is to drop the books and take a walk. Whichever direction you choose, there are beautiful homes, dogs, and mental clarity to be found. If you need time with your thoughts or with no thoughts at all, walks are a great way to refresh and get some low impact exercise. They are also a nice time to call your parents or friends from home! Even just a 20 minute walk does wonders. Try it for yourself!

The Lawyers Inn

Unbeknownst to many students, there is a peaceful retreat right on campus. No, we are not talking about your dorm room, but that also works. In the Law School Quad, the Lawyers Inn is a tranquil coffee shop where law students are so busy that you will be left unbothered. This is a great place to be productive or simply unplug for an hour. Say hi to Beanie, the kindest woman on campus, when you order a latte! 

SMU’s Law Quad

The Lawyers Inn is CCPA’s favorite hiding place. Come say hi to us during our weekly meetings! Comment your best hiding places below.