Panelists Wanted for Women’s Campaign Fund

On behalf of the Women’s Campaign Fund, VoiceVoice the Conversation Company is searching for students to be a part of their digital panels happening this week. Students will be able to share their perspectives on 50/50 representation in the government.

Women’s Campaign Fund is a national, non-partisan organization committed to 50/50 representation. They seek to bring new voices together to explore what it will take to turn America’s conversation about women into better government – with women equally represented in elected office.

women's campaign fund

Participants will have a chance to meet other leaders in a small group, talk big picture about the forces that drive culture change, and, if they choose to, take concrete actions to work towards 50/50 representation by 2028. Panels will take about an hour. The time of the panels ranges from afternoon to evening to the occasional weekend time over the next few days.

Are you interested in participating in this unique, online, small-table format with other youth leaders? Email Karen Jacobs to schedule your participation in a digital panel at