stressed out senior, you are not alone!

Stressed Out Seniors, this one is for you.

By Karna Small and Kate Adams

Senior year… a year of bittersweet “lasts.” A year of growth and preparation for our careers. The final chapter of “the best 4 years of your life.” Of course, there are a lot of positives to senior year. We know where our classes are, we know our professors, we have the lay of the land.

You are not alone.

Despite the feeling of “I got this” that we expected from our fourth time around the hilltop, we know we are not alone when we say that the first month of senior year has also brought stress, fatigue, and anxiety. Most of us had exhausting summers of studying abroad or interning full-time. Our summer “break” was not much of a break at all. Although world changers are shaped here, these world changers need a nap.

We might not be able to fix the stress that senior year has caused, but we are here to remind you that you are not alone. And because humor helps most situations, we are here to provide some comic relief that is #relatable to SMU seniors.

You know you are a stressed-out senior when….

You got Chick-Fil-A twice in 24 hours and didn’t realize it because yesterday felt like it was days ago.

Despite your efforts to be a responsible senior and stay in on a Friday night to finish homework, you still get a cold due to a lack of sleep.

Your professor talks about going abroad to London next summer, but you realize you won’t be in college next summer. 

There is a dog spotted on the Boulevard and you cry a few tears of joy.

You do a happy dance in your car after finding a parking spot on campus and then wonder why people are staring.

You text a friend asking when the club meeting is and they respond that the meeting was yesterday.

Your to-do list is overwhelmingly long, so you take a nap instead.

One minor inconvenience feels like the world is ending. 

Some days you are sentimental and wish you could start the best four years over again, but the next day you are ready for a career, an apartment, a puppy, and the real world…  

Closing Remarks

You will make it through senior year.

You will end up where you are supposed to be.

Embrace every experience you can. Focus on spending time with your friends, professors, and the amazing people who have helped define your time at SMU. 

Don’t play the comparison game. You have your own path and it is pointless to try and steal someone else’s path when it wasn’t meant for you.

You will not be unemployed.

Senior year is about balance. Do something fun each week that helps you enjoy your current stage of life. You have the rest of your life to be a professional. Be a fun college kid while you can!

The college years are great, but they aren’t the best. Each chapter will bring unique experiences that make every phase of life special! Don’t worry, you haven’t peaked! There is lots more to come.