Halfway to the weekend! Two days to spring break. At this point in the semester, stress is probably at its peak. With spring break just two days away, motivation might be slipping when we still have to power through those final tests and assignments. Here is some advice on how to cope with stress this week. Follow these tips, and you’ll be enjoying spring break in no time!

1. Spend time with friends! 

It’s easy to get so caught up in work that we forget to make time for our friends and family. Grab a quick lunch with a friend or call your mom to take your minds off of the chaos that is midterms week. Just hanging out for a few minutes with friends will bring your blood pressure down. You’ll be happier and more productive if you give yourself breaks, and social interaction is a great way to reward yourself for hours of studying.

2. Find a relaxing study playlist

Put on your favorite music or search Spotify for a playlist that fits your study mood. From “Fresh & Chill”  to “Daily Lift” to “Mega Hit Mix,” Spotify has a playlist that will make everyone’s study experience more enjoyable. “Alexa, play jazz study playlist.”

3. Take a walk

Sun is out, and spring is here (hopefully to stay)! Even though it’s been cold, bundle up and get your body moving! Getting some fresh air not only is calming, but also will make you more efficient when you get back to work. Give yourself the opportunity to clear your mind, and you’ll be surprised at the fresh ideas you’ll come up with for that paper you’ve been working on all day. Even better, take a friend with you! 

4. Watch one episode of your favorite sitcom

Put on an episode of Friends, Modern Family, or The Office to ease your stress with a good laugh. At 21 minutes per episode, these tv shows make for a perfect study break. Don’t let one episode turn into a Netflix marathon, but allowing yourself to watch one episode is a great incentive for getting an assignment done. 

5. Pet some pups tomorrow @ 11 a.m. outside of ULEE

SMU CCPA Communication Team hard at work! Meet Bear, our therapy dog 

Playing with dogs (and cats!) is the best way to calm nerves and get rid of stress, so CCPA is calling you to bring your dogs to Umphrey Lee tomorrow morning. Come ready for some puppy love! With each pat (good doggy!), you’ll feel more and more relaxed. Dogs aren’t emotional support animals for nothing! 

If you have a dog, bring it! If you don’t, come pet ours on the South Porch of Umphrey Lee starting at 11 a.m.