We are back again, with more spooky specters and ghastly ghouls just in time for the Halloween season! Here are more haunted locations that you can visit in North Texas.

The Hotel Lawrence

Now the La Quinta Inn & Suites, the Hotel Lawrence is home to many restless and spooky spirits. Constructed in 1925, the hotel has been a Dallas staple. While hauntings are reported all around the hotel including the lobby and second floor, the most haunted area is the 10th floor of the hotel and specifically Room 1009. In 1947, Jack “Smalley” Jackson was murdered in the room. Another spirit that haunts the room is known as “Mr. Brookshire.” The numerous supernatural reports from the room include Mr. Brookshire keeping the door shut and the guests feeling a towel wrapped around their neck. If you ever happen to stay in Room 1009 and the room remains shut, just remember to ask Mr. Brookshire politely to move out of the way.

Excelsior Hotel

The haunted red rocker in the Jay Gould Room, Excelsior Hotel, Jefferson, Texas

The Excelsior Hotel in Jefferson is one of the most haunted hotels in Texas. Built-in 1850, it is also one of the oldest hotels in Texas. While at least three rooms are reported to be haunted, The Jay Gould room is famous for scaring Steven Spielberg. In the 1980s, Spielberg stayed in the room and was frightened because the red rocking chair would not stop moving. He was so rattled that he and his crew left in the middle of the night. Shortly thereafter he outlined his movie, “Poltergeist,” from the events he experienced in that room.

Sons of Hermann Hall

While the Sons of Hermann Hall is a great bar for drinks and dancing, it is also home to many spirits. The supernatural reports from the building include sounds of children playing, moving furniture, and even one report describing a picture falling off a wall after a spirit slammed a door. If you want to get a drink, dance, and experience these hauntings for yourself, go check out the Sons of Hermann Hall.

Late Highlands High School

Lake Highlands high school in Dallas is home to the spirit of a former student named Elizabeth. In the 1970s, Elizabeth fell to her death on the catwalk in the high school auditorium. It is believed that Elizabeth might have fallen off the stairs or into the orchestral pit. Lake Highlands students’ descriptions of their encounters with Elizabeth include the auditorium’s lights switching off and on and costume racks moving around.

Miss Molly’s Hotel

While Miss Molly’s Hotel might have a cool, Western facade, it is one of the most haunted locations in all of North Texas. While the hotel was built in 1910, the spooky hauntings did not begin until the 1940s. The restless spirits of the hotel are said to be the spirits of murder prostitutes, a woman who died of lung disease, and a girl who died of typhoid. The activity of these spirits includes moving guests’ luggage, leaving coins in random parts of the hotel, and unexplained smells and shadows.

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